The interior decoration of our show villa

In one of our previous articles we explained that the style of AMA Residences Andalucía’s apartments and villas was inspired by Nordic style decoration.

In the renovation of the show villa, which serves as an example of the furniture available to buyers, we have sought to adapt the decoration to both summer and winter homes. But, above all, to make it really cozy.

The colours chosen are a palette of off whites, greens, blues, greys, ochers and beiges, in order to warm up the space.

The idea was to use the colours taken from the environment as the sand of the beach, the vegetation of the area, the colour of the sea and the sun and get through them a serene atmosphere typical of a summer house, but at the same time give a sense of security and tranquility that invites to rest all year long.

Linen headboards

In the bedrooms, we have opted for washed linen headboards in soft colors, which give a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere to the rest of the room. This element takes all the prominence in the room, so it is not necessary to incorporate pictures or other details to cover the walls.

In the main suite the colour chosen has been wheat, whereas in the second bedroom the protagonist is a blue tone.

Linen transmits a sensation of natural elegance, difficult to achieve with any other material. The rest of the bed is dressed in white, with large pillows that invite you to lie on them.

Lamps and furniture that provide warmth

The lamps are another key point in the decoration of the villa.

The lamps in the bedroom highlight the craftsmanship and convey perfectly the proximity of the sea recreating those carefree beach days.

For the night lamps, two pieces of cast iron, the same material of the night tables have been chosen. They provide contrast to the softness and lightness of the fabrics and give the rest of the room harmony, achieving a touch of elegance.

In the living room, dining room and entrance hall has been used a model equally handmade, but a little more formal.

The furniture is integrated with the rest of the decoration. It’s made of natural wood, almost untreated, so it provides the decoration with simplicity and naturalness. This also gives you the opportunity to complement it with pieces of your own choice, if you want to incorporate extra decoration, as they will combine with virtually any painting, sculpture or piece of furniture.

Textiles to provide touches of colour

Following our Nordic stamp of clean lines, we have added touches of colour to the neutral spaces, like the ochre blanket on the bed or the green cushions on the sofa, which add texture as they are made of other materials such as cotton or velvet.

The floors have been covered with natural fiber carpets, which break the monotony of the oak-coloured floor and transmit that warmth we are looking for now that the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. Because let’s not forget that, although it is a villa on the coast, it is prepared to be comfortable at any time of the year.

The curtains, on the other hand, are ethereal as their main purpose is to filter the rays of sun that enter through the large windows and shade the excess of luminosity in certain hours of the day as we can forget that the houses are in the Coast of Light.

Flowers and plants

Natural plants have the ability to fill a space or area. Using plants in interior decoration is the best way to unite the indoors with the outdoors and to obtain that atmosphere of full contact with nature that is lived in this magical corner of Andalusia.

Plants bring a multitude of benefits to the environment: they purify, relax and, above all, bring beauty to the space.

The decoration of our villa is inspired by the calm and peaceful life that is lived in this magical corner of Andalusia, typical of the “slow life movement”, which seeks above all to appreciate simple things and to live in harmony with nature.

The exterior of the villa, where only the chirping of the birds can be heard, offers that rest and tranquility that we all long for in our daily lives.

Currently, the furniture is part of the price of the renovated properties, so do not miss this opportunity and come to visit us and see our pilot villa.

You can do this by calling 674 27 43 47 or visiting our website, on the details page of the villas. We will be happy to assist you and show you the residences and the resort!