Nordic design in Andalusia

The Nordic or Scandinavian decoration style has its origins in the homes of Northern European countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark or Norway. It combines clean lines with natural materials, such as wood and textiles, as well as the use of neutral colours, with the aim of bringing light and warmth into the homes.

The exterior design of the apartments and villas at AMA Residences Andalucía is inspired by the Mediterranean landscape that surrounds them, with earthy tones and lush gardens that create a sense of harmony. The decoration of the interior spaces, on the other hand, reflects a cool, contemporary and fresh atmosphere typical of the Nordic design.

Why Nordic style in AMA Residences Andalucía?

The great success of this design style does not lie in the use of colour or certain materials. The adverse climate of the Nordic countries, which implies few hours of light and extremely cold temperatures, forces its inhabitants to stay at home for many hours. That is why the fundamental objective is to create comfortable and pleasant spaces, where luminosity and warmth are fundamental. Since AMA Residences Andalucía’s homes are not mere holiday residences, making the homes cozy and inviting was a key point in the design (hygge).

The light tones in walls and floors acts as a backdrop for the rest of the decoration, which is usually simple and monochromatic. To lighten up the rooms with that predominant neutral colour palette, pops of bright accent colours are introduced in small details of the decoration, such as cushions or paintings.

Wood is one of the most widely used materials in Scandinavian design, and can be found in both construction and decorative elements. The most common is the use of wood from tree species that live in the forests surrounding the houses in northern Europe, such as pines, oaks or beeches that blend perfectly with the scandi colour palette.

Minimalism and functionality are the central themes. The house plans are focused on the practical aspects of everyday life. The combination of open floor plan (entry-kitchen- dining-living) with exempts spaces as bedrooms and bathrooms (larger villas with ensuite bathrooms) make the homes efficient and customized to the needs of all the family members.

In short, Nordic design and decoration is the clear proof that simplicity and plainness are not at odds with quality and good taste.

The importance of light

In northern Europe, light is a scarce and very precious commodity, hence the importance given to windows. Most of the time the owners of these houses avoid the use of blinds or any element that acts as a barrier to prevent the passage of natural light. In the cases where curtains are incorporated it is usually more as a decorative element, although they will always be made of light natural fabrics.

In Andalusia, on the other hand, we have an advantage: we are lucky enough to have a large number of hours of light per year. In Islantilla, on the Costa de Luz ‚ÄúCoast of Light‚ÄĚ, we have more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. The clear blue skies provide us with a warm and pleasant light, which may require the use of blinds and curtains at certain times¬†of the day. This is perhaps the only element that is not markedly Nordic in the design of AMA Residences Andaluc√≠a‚Äôs homes.

A space that adapts to you

It is true that Nordic design is the protagonist in our villas and apartments, but that does not mean that you lack control over the final result of what will be your home as at AMA Residences’ Andalucía we believe that your home should be a reflection of your personal style.

The open floor plan of the homes, with spacious and bright rooms, gives you the opportunity to incorporate the furniture that best reflects your style. You will enjoy the comforts that all apartments and villas incorporate: sliding doors in all rooms, electric blinds, heating and air conditioning, spacious spa inspired bathrooms…

We are aware of how important it is that a home reflects your tastes and preferences. That is the reason why you have the opportunity of modifying the design and customize decorations. A decoration advice service is available for you in case you need it. An expert will accompany and guide you to obtain the results you aim to.

If you want to see the distribution and decoration of some of our apartments and villas, you can do it from the comfort of your home, thanks to our virtual tours. You can also make an appointment with our team to see the properties in person; find out what its possibilities are; get to know the beautiful surroundings and the advantages of having the services of a luxury resort right at your fingertips.