Vistas Rui Silvestre: ecstasy of the senses

Art and cuisine merge at Vistas as Rui Silvestre cooks the sea and the Algarvian land in his Michelin-starred restaurant. We tried his extensive Atlantic-inspired Ocean Promenade and the experience was sublime.

An artist who creates a symphony of flavors, colors, textures that blend together to delight the 5 senses. The menu condenses in 14 dishes the essence of the Atlantic and the traditions of the Algarve but fused with “improbable flavors without losing a bit of authenticity”.

An enclave in the Algarve to delight the palate

Sitting on the restaurant’s pleasant terrace overlooking the Monte Rei golf course and the ocean on the horizon, a succession of starters evocative of the Algarve mixed with ingredients from other cuisines such as curry, coconut milk or lime come and go like the waves of the sea: oysters, prawns, “sapateira”, mussels, mojama, fish and cockles. 

All impeccably presented, served and explained by the team and in particular by Joana and Caterina who proudly tell you how many of the ingredients that appear in the dishes come from the garden cultivated by them.

Tasting to the rhythm of a bolero near Huelva

If I had to choose a soundtrack for the experience I think I would choose Ravel’s Bolero, because as in the play the rhythm is repeated, and plate after plate you experience a pleasant state and admiration for the work that is presented before you.

Rui Silvestre conducts the music to perfection and as a good “maestro” he takes care that every note is interpreted to perfection, being attentive to the dishes that come out, how they are served and ensuring at all times that customers enjoy the experience to the fullest.

The wine cellar is in charge of Nuno Pires. The sommelier transmits with his advice his love for his profession and shows the wines that pair best with each dish. The Roxo de SetĂșbal muscatel was a discovery when the sweet part of the menu arrived.

A Michelin Star restaurant next to the Coast of Huelva

After the starters, the 5-course menu begins with the succulent Bluefin Tuna and Oyster on cauliflower cream with wasabi and green apple.

The blue lobster with imperial caviar, shredded stone crab, celery root and tomato compote is  a bomb for the senses.

The prawn with tapioca pearls and puffed rice is a dish full of flavor enhanced with hints of ginger and lime.

The next dish is a caldeirada or hake stew that represents the seafaring tradition of the peninsula with a more exotic touch by adding turmeric.

To put the finishing touch to the dinner, the red mullet with prawns, onion compote, squid ravioli and the powerful harissa is the perfect dish to condense in its exquisite flavor the essence of the Atlantic.

The sweetest desserts in Portugal

Desserts are equally surprising and recreate in small bites the most traditional sweets of Portugal as the “pastĂ©is de nata” or the Dom Rodrigo typical of the area.

Another strong point of the dinner is the presentation and the allegory to the surroundings. Precious and perfectly chosen tableware that gives a touch of theatricality to the scene.

As in a good concert, when the end comes you feel that you do not want it to end, but the Atlantic experience lived during those three hours was well worth it.

If you are a resident at AMA Residences AndalucĂ­a and you want to dine at Rui Silvestre’s Michelin starred restaurant don’t hesitate to get in touch with the resort’s reception as they will be more than willing to reserve a long lasting experience for you.