Restaurant Guide near AMA Residences Andalucía

Huelva stands out in gastronomic terms for the excellent quality of the raw ingredients: seafood from white shrimp to the delicious sorrel through the omnipresent “choco”; from the land like the Andévalo lamb or the Iberian pork that we love entirely; from the orchard as the Redondela potatoes, pink tomatoes from the Sierra or the delicious strawberries and berries that fill the market stalls with color.

Everything in this province is a bocatti di Cardinali and therefore we want to take a walk through the closest restaurants to AMA Residences Andalucía to end in Fandado, the resort’s restaurant. The idea is to have a reference guide of the restaurants in the area according to the occasion that we will expand with different posts, since logically we can not include them all here.

Puerto del Terrón: Where to eat

The route starts in Puerto del Terron and one of the restaurants where you can taste excellent fresh fish with beautiful views of the marshes of the Rio Piedras: Barlovento.

It is a very nice place because being in front of the marina you feel the Ocean breeze and you are entertained with the coming and going of the boats.

We especially like their fresh seafood. Grilled fish such as soles, turbot, corvinatas or tasty sardines; fried fish such as sorrels, cuttlefish, anchovies, “adobo” (marinated fish) or delicious mullet; seafood stews with designation of origin such as beans with cuttlefish (habas con chocos), tuna with onions or tomato sauce, seafood rice and others “calamares del campo”, a dish from the orchard of Lepe with a nod to the sea that is not found anywhere else.

La Antilla: The best place to eat

We continue along the coast in the direction of AMA, overlooking the marshes to reach the village of La Antilla. Here we stop at one of the most frequented places by local customers: Mar de Kñas.

We like everything about this place: the location on the promenade of La Antilla overlooking the beach and the railing of La Concha beach, the interior decoration, the varied menu, the excellent service. What started as a brewery and tapas bar has gradually been climbing positions among the restaurants in the area and not in vain has recently obtained a Solete from the Repsol Guide and appears as number 1 on TripAdvisor.

From a tapas kind of meal with octopus salad, fresh prawns or delicious homemade croquettes to a lunch or dinner comme il faut. Different starters such as green gazpacho, tuna tartar with strawberries or garden products km 0 so rarely seen in restaurants in the area. Second dishes such as iberian pork loin with fried potatoes, tuna Mar de Kñas’s style or ray fish in paprika.

Although it is difficult to leave a place for dessert because they are very worthwhile: brownie, crepe de poleá or apple flute are just some of them.

The best place to eat in Urbasur

Continuing along the coast we make a stop at Urbasur and in one of the places that seeks to unite the coast and the mountains of Huelva in its menu, without forgetting the orchard: Taray.

To live the Taray experience is to enjoy a meal with all 5 senses as the passion that the owners put into the business is transmitted to their dishes.
Fine clams from Isla Cristina, carabineros a la Manzanilla or white prawns from Huelva are just the beginning of a spectacular lunch or dinner.
On the grill we opt for octopus or tuna belly.

The rice dishes deserve a separate chapter: with lobster, with carabinero, with vegetables or black rice from the ink of the cuttlefish. Local meats such as suckling lamb chops or Iberian prey are joined by others such as Angus or Segovian suckling pig.

The dessert menu is the most extensive of this guide so there are options for all palates: egg and syrup custard (tocino de cielo) with orange, creamy cheese and berries, different homemade ice creams…

Where to eat in Isla Cristina?

In Isla Cristina, 9 km from the area, is one of our favorite casual dining restaurants all year long: La Belli Mar de Tapas.

The Ramirez brothers make magic in their Street Food Isleño. The fusion of flavors reminiscent of cuisines from all over the world is worthy of admiration.

The changing menu transmits the energy of its owners and although there is a huge range to choose from, we have a few not to be missed: chickpeas with tuna skins, boletus rice with foie gras, cod au gratin, pan bao with shrimp….

Among the new proposals we highlight: red tuna belly, monkfish with Indian tomato sauce, squid stuffed with pig’s trotters, spicy tuna cubes on sushi rice and coconut white garlic cream with smoked sardines.

As in the case of the Roca brothers, the youngest is in charge of the sweet part and although there is not as much variety as in the savory part, there is just enough to close the meal with a flourish, whether you have a sweet tooth or are a lover of somewhat acidic flavors.

Eat in AMA Residences Andalucía

To end this gastronomic route we cannot fail to mention the resort’s à la carte restaurant: Fandado. The first thing that strikes you about Fandado is the careful attention to detail, but the truth is that when summer arrives what you want is to be outdoors and the terrace is the ideal place for a quiet dinner.

The word Fandado comes from Esperanto and means fusion. There is no better term to express what the restaurant is: a fusion of local products (sea and land) with mixtures of other cultures, especially Italian and Oriental cuisine.

Among the starters, the cod and prawns sphere, the seafood torrija or the suckling pig croquettes stand out. For fish lovers, the tuna tataki, the “choquitos” from Huelva or the grilled wild sea bass are an option. For those who prefer more hearty dishes, they can choose the Iberian ribs with cane honey, the beef tenderloin or the AMA hamburger.

The wine cellar is a strong point of this restaurant as it has excellent wines to accompany the different dishes.

We recommend leaving room for desserts such as mango maki with white chocolate soup or chocolate and hazelnut coulant.

We hope you like this selection as much as we do and that it serves to vindicate the power that the province of Huelva has from a gastronomic point of view.
If you need to manage a reservation, do not hesitate to contact the reception of AMA Islantilla Resort as they will be willing to help you with everything you need and don’t forget that AMA residents enjoy preferential rates in any of the Resort food services.