5 Hiking trails in the province of Huelva

Autumn is the perfect time of year to put on your hiking boots and go for a walk in the wonderful natural surroundings. Hiking is a sport that is gaining more and more adepts and it is not surprising if we take into account the great amount of benefits it provides. It is not only an activity that allows us to be in contact with nature; it also brings us both physical and psychological benefits.

In Andalusia, and more specifically in the province of Huelva, we are more than lucky: the natural wealth of the province offers a great number of options when it comes to designing your own trail. In fact, la Consejería de Medio Ambiente de la Junta de Andalucía (the Ministry of the Environment of the Andalusian Regional Government) has marked up to 55 trails and routes that you can follow with complete peace of mind. Depending on the level of difficulty, the length of the route or the type of landscape, you will be able to choose the option that best suits you.

In addition, the locals have created their own hiking trails, which they share on different specialized platforms. Let’s see some of the most popular routes, which you can’t miss if you are a hiking enthusiast. In each of them we attach a route proposal, which you can always adapt to your needs. We will start with the closest ones to AMA Residences Andaluc√≠a, and little by little we will move away for those who want to discover all the corners of the province.

1. Vía verde litoral hike

The first trail we propose is a 13-kilometre route along the coastal greenway from La Redondela to Lepe. If you are looking for something more challenging or prefer to do the route by bicycle, you can do the complete 30 km long route from Ayamonte to Cartaya.

This hike follows the route of an old railway track, closed in 1987. You will enjoy a pleasant walk through such representative Natural Sites of the area as Las Marismas de Isla Cristina (Isla Cristina’s marshes), those of Río Piedras y Flecha de El Rompido and visit the towns of La Redondela or Lepe.

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2. Marismas del Odiel hike

In Punta Umbría, Las Marismas del Odiel (Odiel’s marshes) are the result of the confluence of the mouths of the Odiel and Tinto rivers. The abundance of sediments creates the perfect environment to attract all kinds of birds. In addition, the encounter of fresh and salt waters has led to the creation of arms of water and different islands, used by man for the production of salt.

The trail we propose is about 6 km long, with a circular route that runs through a flat area with low difficulty.

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3. Charco de la Boca hike

El Charco de la Boca trail is a body of water inside Do√Īana‚Äôs National Park that starts at the visitor’s center of La Rocina, in the municipality of Almonte. It is a simple yet beautiful route, only 3.8 km long along a walkway of wooden boards, with the aim of identifying the route to be followed without altering the natural site. This makes it the perfect option for a relaxed walk among pine trees and different species of herbaceous plants.

The main interest of this route lies in the observatories that you will find distributed along the route. From them you will be able to observe flooded areas where all kinds of birds rest or have established their breeding area.

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4. Río Tinto Greenway hike

The trail begins in Valverde del Camino, a town located in the Riotinto Mining region, and follows the route of the old mining train which runs parallel to the river. You will end your journey at the Riotinto mines themselves, where you can round off the excursion with a visit to the mining museum. The infrastructure created around the mines, which remained in operation until 1984, and the extraction activity itself have given these landscapes a unique personality. At the beginning of the route you will be able to enjoy a typical Mediterranean landscape of Huelva, with low bushes, pastures and hunting grounds. But as you advance you will enter an area that seems to be from another world. There are those who compare it to the planet Mars, due to the reddish, ochre and orange tones of the soils and the rocky formations.

In total, the route consists of 35 km, of which 7 km are in very good condition. It is a route of medium difficulty, where the biggest challenge is its length. That’s why many decide to do it by bike or horseback riding.

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5. Sierra de Aracena hike

It‚Äôs a circular route, starting and ending in the town of Fuenteheridos. The total length is about 17 km, going through the villages of Galaroza and Casta√Īo del Robledo. The trails are surrounded by cork oaks, holm oaks and chestnut trees, where you will occasionally cross the riverbed. This forest is known by many as the “Bosque Encantado” (Enchanted Woods), due to its beauty and density of vegetation. The advantage of this route is that you can stop to recover your strength at any of the stops in the villages along the way, taking advantage of the local cuisine.

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These are only some of the many hikes, with varied difficulty, that you can find in the province of Huelva. If you are a resident of AMA Residences Andalucía and would like to organize a hiking route in the province, please write to info@amaresidencesandalucia.com