The Repsol Guide highlights two gastronomic gems near AMA Residences

The province of Huelva, known for its natural charms and a history that intertwines with the flavor of its seas and pastures, is also a favorite destination for lovers of good food. In recent years, the Repsol Guide has awarded its ‘Solete’ distinction to 46 establishments in the region, recognizing their culinary quality, excellent ambience and friendly service.

Our gastronomic tour highlights two new culinary additions very close to AMA Residences Andalucía, demonstrating that the vigor of this land and its flavors do not cease with the arrival of cold weather. These places not only offer delicious dishes that capture the essence of the local cuisine, but also warm ambiances and exceptional services that promise to make every visit a memorable experience.

Mesón la Montanera РLa Antilla

Not too long ago we dedicated a post to Mesón la Montanera. This restaurant has not only established itself as a gastronomic destination of reference, according to the Repsol Guide and opinions on TripAdvisor, but has also proven to be a place that invites repetition. Confirmation of its excellence comes not only from new visitors, but also from those who, captivated by previous experiences, decide to return.

As for the culinary offerings, Mesón la Montanera surprises with both innovative and traditional dishes. The cherry salmorejo with almond and avocado cream is a revelation, a fusion of flavors that speaks of creativity and respect for local products. The Sofia salad and the golden cod not only meet expectations but exceed them, each bite is a reflection of the quality and passion put into their cuisine.

Location: Avenida de Islantilla S / N (next to Varadero)

La Belli – Isla Cristina

La Belli was created as a tapas bar (La Belli la mar de tapas) but little by little has gained its deserved recognition and has become an outstanding member of the Soletes of Huelva thanks to its fresh and creative gastronomic proposal. This bar, praised by the Repsol Guide and by us, is distinguished by its simple but ingenious approach, especially in the treatment of its star dishes, such as baked stuffed tuna.

Located near the Central Park of Isla Cristina, La Belli is a place of reference for lovers of good cuisine and innovation.

Although tuna-based dishes are a clear specialty and dominate the menu, the variety of other options is not far behind. Each dish is a testament to the restaurant’s culinary creativity, offering different, innovative portions, presented with care and attention to detail.

With its Repsol Solete, this establishment has not only raised the standard of local cuisine, but has also put Isla Cristina on the map for those seeking an authentic, high quality dining experience.

La Belli is presented as a must stop for lovers of good food and those in search of innovative and well-executed flavors. To visit it is to immerse oneself in a world where quality, originality and flavor are the undisputed protagonists.

Location: Avenida del Carnaval S/N

Other fall additions in Huelva Capital

Taberna la Bohemia

In the vibrant heart of Huelva, Taberna la Bohemia emerges as a must for gastronomy enthusiasts. Its menu, dynamic and always in tune with the seasons, presents dishes where the quality of the product shines with its own light, ensuring that each visit becomes a unique and unforgettable experience.

Coma Tapas y Punto

Another of the recently awarded with the distinctive ‘Solete’ of the Repsol Guide, this place not only stands out, but shines with its own light in the gastronomic panorama of the city, thanks to its mix of creativity and aesthetics.

Two of the stars of its menu that visitors should not miss are the pickled prey on rega√Ī√° and the tenderloin tartar. These emblematic dishes encapsulate the essence of what makes this tavern unique: a cuisine that fuses tradition with modern and bold touches, resulting in flavors that remain in the memory long after the tasting has ended.

Taberna El Condado

In the constant search for the best flavors of Andalusia, Taberna el Condado in Huelva stands as a sanctuary dedicated to the best ham and Iberian meats. This establishment has proven to be much more than just a tapas bar; it is a living tribute to the region’s charcuterie tradition.

Upon crossing the threshold of Taberna el Condado, the intoxicating aroma of Iberian ham welcomes diners, announcing the delights that await. In this space, Iberian ham is not just an ingredient, but the true protagonist. From the carefully selected cured meats to the masterfully prepared pieces of meat, each bite is a celebration of Andalusia’s gastronomic heritage.

For those looking for a place where authentic flavor and tradition meet this tavern is mandatory. Here, ham is not just a food, but a true work of art to be enjoyed with all the senses.

Each of these restaurants with ‘Solete’ offers a unique experience, reflecting the richness and diversity of Huelva’s gastronomy and close to AMA Residences Andalucia. From the flavors of the sea to the richness of the land that characterizes the province, these places are a must for anyone who wants to enjoy the best of local cuisine. Come and discover them!

If you need to make a reservation or have any questions, please contact the reception of AMA Islantilla Resort and we will be happy to help you.