Michelin Restaurants near AMA Residences Andalucía part l: Algarve

Gastronomy is, without a doubt, one of the strong points of the area where AMA Residences Andalucía is located. The so-called ‘Mediterranean diet‘ gives the Iberian Peninsula a culinary quality within reach of very few places in the world.

In one direction or another, from the Algarve to Seville, haute cuisine will be found in up to ten Michelin-starred restaurants in 2024: eight in the Algarve and two in the capital of Andalusia. 

The Michelin guide, a world reference for gastronomy to this day, was created in 1900 by the French tire company Michelin in order to support the industry and the traveler. It originally included maps, gas stations and of course places to eat and stay. 

Nowadays, the best restaurants in Europe, America and Asia are part of this select list, which is divided into stars and follows strict evaluation criteria: three for “exceptional cuisine”, two for “excellent cuisine” and one for “very good cuisine”. 

In addition, next February 27, Albufeira will host the presentation of the Michelin Guide Portugal 2024, which is a clear sign that the region is acquiring great growth as one of the best gastronomic destinations in Europe.

In this article we will tell you about the 8 Michelin Star restaurants in the Algarve.

Michelin Star Restaurants in the Algarve

Many of the restaurants on the list are located in beach destinations, so they return in March after their “hibernation”. It seems to us that the fact that they close a few months a year is an added difficulty in obtaining the stars, but on the other hand it allows their chefs to disconnect, travel and experience what undoubtedly adds value to these restaurants.

Ocean (Porches) – 2 stars

Ocean with its two Michelin stars is the creation of the Austrian chef Hans Neuner who has been obtaining this recognition since 2011. 

Visiting this restaurant is a unique culinary experience, with its international haute cuisine with nods to the local Portuguese gastronomy, perfectly executed by a first class team.

Its new menu, which changes depending on the country visited that year by its chef, can be tasted from March 5, when the summer season opens. This year it will focus on the rich Asian cuisine after its journey through Bangkok, Macau, Seoul and Tokyo and will serve to connect the best of both worlds (East and West).

Dining with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the impeccable decoration in blue, white and gold tones is an unforgettable experience.

Vila Joya (Albufeira) – 2 stars

Like Ocean, this restaurant located in Albufeira also has an Austrian chef: Dieter Koschina and 2 Michelin stars since 1999. 

Vila Joya fuses classic Central European cuisine with ingredients from Portugal, a country his chef fell in love with more than 30 years ago on his first visit.

No two experiences are the same at this restaurant as the chef enjoys surprising his guests. His 4-course tasting menu consisting of starter, fish first course, meat second course and dessert is constantly changing.

Its terrace is perfect for a romantic dinner.

Vista (Portimão) – 1 star 

With one Michelin star since 2018, this restaurant located in a beautiful 19th century family house and converted in 1934 into the first hotel in the Algarve, will offer you unique views of the ‘da Rocha’ beach. 

Portuguese chef João Oliveira offers two menus that stand out for their creative cuisine: Vista, focused on local fish and seafood or Terra, based on garden produce and a perfect option for vegetarians. 95% of its products are local, so dishes such as cataplana or grilled fish are never missing from the menu.

Plato restaurante Visto (Portimao)

Al Sud (Lagos) – 1 star

Portuguese chef Louis Anjos uses local ingredients from both land and sea at Al Sud to base his ‘contemporary’ cuisine on a balanced tasting menu called ‘A Discovery’. 

The menu is made up of ten dishes that include Red Tuna accompanied by Oysters from the Alvor Estuary where the restaurant is located, Scarlet Shrimp from the Algarve with Rendered Pork Belly and Codium, Iberian Pork Noodles with Stewed Broth, Monchique Corn and Fine Herbs, or Raspberries from the Algarve, Basil and Yogurt.

An experience to delight the senses with the ocean as muse.

Gusto by Heinz Beck (Almancil) – 1 star

In a cozy indoor dining room and its terrace with a view, German chef Heinz Beck bets in this restaurant in Quinta do Lago on a philosophy similar to the one that led him to obtain three Michelin stars in a restaurant in Rome. 

His cuisine shows roots of the Mediterranean diet with Italian influences. Its 5 and 7-course tasting menu features delicacies such as scallops, cauliflower and lemon textures with caper sauce; prawns with Nduja crust, water gazpacho with tomato and summer vegetables or a dessert such as ‘dulcey’ chocolate mousse with passion fruit and pineapple, among others.

Vistas Monte Rei (Vila Nova de Cacela) – 1 star

At 29 years old, Portuguese chef Rui Silvestre is one of the youngest chefs to be awarded a Michelin star. 

The classic décor of this restaurant, accompanied by spectacular views from its terrace, especially in summer, make this place a perfect place to enjoy its Passeio Marítimo tasting menu, inspired by the Atlantic: mussels, tuna, oysters, carabineros, clams, etc.  

A few years ago we had the pleasure of trying it so we dedicated a post to it.

Vistas Monte Rei

Bon Bon (Lagoa) – 1 star

Bon Bon’s modern cuisine, under the direction of chef José Lopes, offers the best flavors of Portuguese cuisine prepared in a bold and inspired style. You can find a variety of tasting menus at different prices to enjoy a dinner in its classic and contemporary dining room with high ceilings overlooking the Sierra de Monchique. The presentation, textures and harmonious flavors of traditional regional food that rescues forgotten recipes stand out in their menus.

A Ver Tavira (Tavira) – 1 star

The couple Cláudia Abrantes (sommelier) and Luís Brito (chef) run this restaurant in Tavira that seeks a balance between vegetables, fish and seafood. At A Ver Tavira you will find up to four tasting menus: one for lunch (Executive) and three others for dinner (Entre Momentos, El Todo and El Viaje del Sabor). In one of its two attractive terraces of the Moorish castle overlooking the city you can enjoy dishes such as blue lobster or veal from Trás-os Montes de Portugal, among others. 

There is also the possibility of eating à la carte which is a plus.

From AMA Residences, and thanks to its central location, you can set off to enjoy some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the area. These will offer you different types of cuisine where you can savor a multitude of Mediterranean dishes prepared with local products from the countryside and the sea. If you need help to make a reservation or have any questions, AMA Residences Andalucía will be happy to help you.