Marinas along the coast of Huelva – Part II

After delving into the wonderful world of the marinas of Huelva in the article Marinas on the coast of Huelva РPart I, we are now preparing to continue with the fascinating journey that still awaits us. In this second part, we travel along the coast of Huelva from El Rompido to the Mazagón marina.

Port of El Rompido

One of the main characteristics of the Port of El Rompido is its dedicated staff. Users can count on a team with extensive experience in all operations to be carried out in the port. 

To minimize the limitations caused by currents, the port offers users the service of sailors and an assistance and towing boat for the berthing of vessels. These services ensure safe and efficient berthing, regardless of water conditions.

In addition, the use of the tugboat and the assistance of the sailors within the port are free of charge, although always under the responsibility of the captain of the assisted vessel. This attention to detail and commitment to safety and efficiency are what make El Rompido Marina an outstanding destination in our tour of the marinas of Huelva.


Nuevo Portil Marina

Puerto Marina de Nuevo Portil, besides having more than 350 moorings among its facilities, is an impressive coastal complex that amazes its visitors with its serene natural atmosphere. Visitors have the opportunity to visit the Laguna de El Portil Nature Reserve, a haven of tranquility where you can breathe fresh air and recharge your batteries. 

Visitors will soon discover that this coastal enclave has all the necessary ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle. Visitors can explore the Natural Reserve of Las Lagunas and the Village of Los Enebrales, true treasures for nature lovers.

Nuevo Portil is also a favorite destination for sports lovers. This area is full of sports facilities, including tennis courts and small parks, making it perfect for both those looking for an active experience and those who prefer a more leisurely pace. In short, the marina of Nuevo Portil is an invitation to enjoy nature and the sea in the most authentic way.

Punta Umbría Marina

Puerto Deportivo de Punta Umbria provides 471 berths ranging from 5 to 24 meters in length. In addition, it has 50 buoys of different sizes to complement its berthing facilities.

Each berth is equipped with light and water points, ensuring that the basic needs of each vessel are efficiently met. In addition, 24-hour harbor service is provided, ensuring safety and ease of access for boat owners.

The port is divided into two zones for easier access. The first zone is located closer to the club’s head office, covering streets A to K and streets √Ď, O and P. The second zone is located next to the local Canoeing School and includes streets L, M and N. This division facilitates the organization and access to the moorings.

The Nautical Sports Club and its excellent facilities further highlight the attractive offer of the Punta Umbria Marina for sailing enthusiasts and those seeking to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the sea.

Mazagón Marina

Our tour ends at the Mazag√≥n Marina, an ideal port for the practice of the most diverse nautical sports, located in the municipality of Palos de la Frontera, Mazag√≥n. This is the easternmost port of the province as Do√Īana National Park starts a few kilometers from here.

A unique feature of this port is the separation between sport and recreational boats and fishing boats, which allows a more efficient management and avoids interference between the different activities.

The Mazagón Marina environment also houses the Yacht Club and Sailing School, creating a hub of activity for boating enthusiasts. In addition, for those looking for a respite after a day on the water, the port has a promenade area and a variety of bars and cafes.

It also has nautical parts stores, boat repair services and boat sales, offering boat owners a one-stop shop for all their needs. In short, Mazagón Marina is a wonderful destination for those who love sailing and the sea.

Huelva’s marinas are much more than just docking places for boats. They are centers of activity, places where people gather to enjoy the beauty of the sea and participate in a wide variety of water sports. Each of these ports has its own character and charm, reflecting the rich diversity of the Huelva region.

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