Marinas along the coast of Huelva – Part I

Huelva holds a great variety of treasures that may go unnoticed even by those most familiar with the region. One of these treasures are the marinas that adorn its coastline, from the mouth of the Guadiana River to the coastal town of MazagĂłn.

This nautical tour is an invitation to rediscover Huelva and to immerse oneself in the important role that this province plays in the nautical world. With a total of nine magnificent marinas, each with its own character and appeal, Huelva is a true paradise for boating enthusiasts and a crucial pillar of sailing in southwestern Spain. 

SanlĂșcar de Guadiana Marina

We begin our tour at the SanlĂșcar de Guadiana Marina, also known simply as Puerto SanlĂșcar de Guadiana. It is located between two shores, one Spanish and the other Portuguese, being a meeting point for two cultures.

Just across the Guadiana River, Portuguese life unfolds in the charming town of Alcoutim. Here, the aroma of Portuguese gastronomy invades the narrow streets, inviting visitors to enjoy delicious meals. Moreover, Alcoutim offers an additional charm: a river beach, where locals and tourists gather to enjoy the sun and the water.

Attracting both locals and visitors, this rural destination is a wonderful stop for those looking for a quiet place to rest and admire the beautiful scenery. 

This port has a special charm when night falls. The lights are reflected in the dark waters of the Guadiana River, creating a captivating spectacle. 

The Port of SanlĂșcar de Guadiana is not only a place for boats, but also a starting point for land adventures. Visitors can explore the nearby Castillo de San Marcos and live unique experiences with LĂ­mite Zero, one of them being the first cross-border zip line in the world.. In addition, water sports are a popular activity here, thanks to the excellent weather conditions.

This port offers a perfect blend of sea and mountain, providing an impressive setting for visitors and giving it a special importance in Huelva’s nautical culture.

Puerto deportivo Guadiana de SanlĂșcar - Fuente:
Puerto deportivo Guadiana de SanlĂșcar - fuente: Huelva informa

Ayamonte Marina

We continue our tour in Ayamonte, the westernmost town of Andalusia. Located 60 km west of the provincial capital, Huelva, Ayamonte is strategically located on the highway that connects Seville with Faro in the Portuguese Algarve. Thanks to its location, near the mouth of the Guadiana River, a natural border with Portugal, the history and development of this town have been marked by its proximity to the river and the sea.

The Ayamonte Marina is a testimony to this close relationship with the water. It is located on the Pinillos estuary, on the banks of the Guadiana River. The location is ideal, it integrates harmoniously with the urban center of Ayamonte, providing a unique perspective of the city from the water.

This marina is only three nautical miles of navigation from the southern end of the dock of Vila Real de San Antonio, which makes it a perfect stop for boats navigating the Guadiana River.

The Ayamonte Marina is not only a strategic docking point, but also a reflection of how Ayamonte has managed to harmonize its urban development with its rich maritime tradition. This port is a testimony of the relevance of Ayamonte in the nautical culture of the region and a key point in our tour of the marinas of Huelva.

Isla Canela Marina

Our nautical journey takes us next to Marina Isla Canela, the modern marina located at the convergence point of the Costa de la Luz, the Algarve and the Guadiana River. It is located precisely at the mouth of the Carreras River, within the Isla Canela Tourist Center.

With 231 berths currently available for boats up to 12/24 meters in length, Marina Isla Canela has been designed with the future in mind, with a planned expansion that will add a further 360 berths and the capacity to accommodate boats of 16/18 meters in length.

The marina has a modern fairing area and a 32-ton lifting gantry. It also offers a fixed crane for 2 tons, water supply, electricity at 220 and 380 volts, compressed air and a pressurized water machine for hull cleaning.

fuente: Marina isla

Its privileged location, just a few minutes from both the open sea and a magnificent inner harbor, makes Marina Isla Canela an exceptional place. Between two rivers, including the majestic Guadiana, the estuaries, the beaches and the incomparable light of the area, Marina Isla Canela is an incomparable place to enjoy nature and sailing, standing out as an important landmark in our journey through the marinas of Huelva.

Puerto Isla Cristina. fuente: Agencia PĂșblica de Puertos de AndalucĂ­a

Isla Cristina Marina

Located on the left bank of the Carreras River, a mile and a half from the nose of the Poniente dock, the geographical coordinates of the marina are 37Âș11’54 “N and 7Âș19’36 “W. This marina is characterized by a tidal range of 3.4 meters and currents that can reach 2 knots.

The Isla Cristina Marina is a meeting point between the sea and the marshes, which are formed at the mouths of rivers and have unique characteristics. These wetlands are the most important enclave for European and African migratory birds, making this port a fascinating place for nature and ornithology lovers.

The natural beauty of the marshes and the vitality of the Carreras River make this port an essential place in our nautical route along the marinas of Huelva.

El TerrĂłn Marina (Lepe)

El TerrĂłn Marina, located in the town of Lepe, is home to a fleet of 78 boats despite the decline in fishing activity in recent years. Its facilities include an old fish market and an ice factory, both out of use, but it provides fuel services and rooms for shipowners.

In addition, this marina is located near the Paraje Natural Marismas del RĂ­o Piedras y Flecha del Rompido, a protected area that offers an incredible view of the natural environment of the area. Its position and its historical connections with sea fishing and its gastronomic offer make El TerrĂłn Marina an attractive stop on our tour of the marinas of Huelva.

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