Decoration of AMA Residences Andalucía apartments

In a previous post we talked about the decorative style of the apartments and villas AMA Residences Andalucía and this time we want to talk about the decoration service that clients can enjoy that will adapt to their needs and turn their houses into the home of their dreams both for aesthetics and functionality.

Below, we highlight some of the aspects in which hiring an interior designer can make the most of your home.

Creating unique spaces 

Hiring a professional is essential if you want your home to be unique, with personality, and adapted to the family members and the intended use.

Both in a vacation home and in a year-round house, tranquility and relaxation are sought, but it is true that the use of fabrics will vary depending on the season in which the house is going to be used.

Use of space

One of the characteristics of the apartments and villas AMA Residences Andalucía is that they have an open plan design. This feature gives much play when designing the house according to the needs and tastes of the client with the idea of maximizing the space and adapting it.

We all know that storage is vital. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is one of our maxims and a good advice in this matter is key for the houses to be comfortable.

Style definition and customization 

Every client is different and as the popular saying goes, there are different colors for every taste. A professional interior designer is key when it comes to defining the style. By being up to date on the latest trends in decoration, materials and having different furniture suppliers, they can hit the target and make your home project the style of your choice.

At AMA Residences Andalucía we like our apartments to be in harmony with the environment, and to be like a blank canvas, with the idea that the client can customize it to their liking.


One of the most arduous tasks of a professional decorator is to coordinate the timing and services of suppliers so that things are on time and do not take too long. 

Just to ensure that the various services are performed in a timely manner is worth hiring a professional decorator. From the initial planning through the coordination of the various services – selection of paint, lighting, furniture, textiles … – to the choice of those details that make the space tell a story.

Interested in our decoration service? Do not hesitate to contact us. We have professionals who will make your life easier and help you to have the house of your dreams.