Slow living at AMA Residences Andalucía

AMA Residences Andalucía champions a more straightforward and uncomplicated way of life: “slow living.”

Our top-notch facilities, unbeatable location, connection with nature and fellow residents, and proximity to the charming towns around us with their traditions make AMA an ideal place to cultivate a lifestyle that has been growing in popularity since it began in Italy in the 80s.

What is slow living? 

Slow living, which translates to “living slowly” in Spanish, is a movement that encourages living without stress, free from the daily rush, and savoring every moment in all aspects of life. 

With this lifestyle, you set your own pace, live in the present, and enjoy only what truly matters to you, in contrast to the usual hectic and non-stop life found in big cities. At its core, slow living is about “doing less to live more.” It’s about figuring out what your priorities are, taking the time to process them and acting accordingly, without getting distracted or worrying about what the currents dictate. 

It also requires simplifying your life, without technology, and without the constant immediacy that is part of our daily routines.

Benefits of slow living 

Among the most significant benefits of ‘Slow Living’ are technological disconnection, which leads to a deeper connection with reality instead of through a screen; increased sleep hours, which means sleeping more and better; or dedicating time to physical and mental health, without overloading your schedule with activities or tasks and knowing how to say no assertively. 

By embracing a slower pace of life, you will experience increased mental peace, reduced stress, and better overall health. 

Plus, you’ll enjoy life with greater awareness and presence, focusing on what truly matters. A slower lifestyle and focusing on what’s truly important also slows down frantic consumerism, which translates into a reduction in unnecessary expenses and environmental impact.

What does ama residences offer for slow living? 

In a big city, the daily rhythms make it difficult to lead a “slow” and relaxed life. But at AMA Residences, life moves at a different pace. Our resort, nestled in nature and spanning over 5 hectares, offers wellness-oriented facilities, seasonal and locally-sourced food, and friendly professionals who contribute to creating a peaceful and enjoyable environment.

Our spacious and bright apartments with terraces, offer the perfect setting to enjoy experiences like having breakfast while feeling the warmth of the morning sun, listening to music, or the birds singing while reading a book.

In addition, our location on the Costa de la Luz, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, allows you to enjoy its extensive beaches, walks through pine forests or cycling, outdoor dining with the Mediterranean diet as a standard and the Atlantic breeze in the background. 

It is about listening to the body and giving it what it asks for: stopping, observing, listening, breathing, savoring in order to fully enjoy all that life has to offer. The first reward of slowing life down is an increase in happiness. The luxury oasis of AMA Residences allows you to squeeze the most out of life.