Six autumn plans in Huelva

During the autumn months, the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche is tinged with orange and coppery colours, and filled with mushrooms and chestnuts, unique images that will make you fall even more in love with Huelva and its mild autumn weather. With the drop in temperatures and the autumn rains, greenery begins to reign throughout the province, beautifying every corner.

Making the most of some of the public holidays in autumn, such as the Immaculate Conception Bank Holiday at the beginning of December, to enjoy this time of year to the full is just one of the advantages of living in this magical corner of Spain. Whether you enjoy the sunsets on the long, quiet beaches or the landscapes of the mountains or the AndÊvalo.

Watching the sunset on the beaches of Huelva

The province of Huelva has a perfect climate, an almost eternal summer from spring to autumn and endless beaches along the coast of Huelva that join those of Cadiz or the Algarve. A real treasure that the residents of AMA Residences Andalucía can enjoy 365 days a year, as the Resort is located between the beaches of La Antilla and Islantilla. On any of the golden beaches of Huelva you can enjoy long walks and magical sunsets 

But if you want to witness one of the best sunsets in Huelva, take a trip to the Muelle del Tinto. This corner is one of the most photogenic spots in the city, a jewel that was built during the British presence in the 19th century. The quay was used to transport ore from the mines in the north of the province to the port of the capital.

Discover the Riotinto Mines

Discover the Riotinto Mines, the PeÃąa del Hierro, the Mining Museum, an old hospital belonging to the Riotinto Company, Casa 21 in the old English quarter of Bella Vista or visit old disused installations on board a train are some of the tourist attractions in the Riotinto Mining Park. 

The complex has become the main industrial tourism destination in Spain. Discover the heritage of the industrial and mining history of more than 5,000 years in the region, and a civilisation that forged the history of the Cuenca Minera de Huelva.

Visit the dehesa during the “montanera” season

The montanera is the last phase in the rearing of the Iberian pig. This phase consists of letting the pigs graze in the pastureland, where the traditional fattening of the acorn, the fruit and fundamental food of the Iberian pig, takes place among holm oaks and cork oaks. 

You can take one of the guided tours through the dehesa of the Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve: Sierra de Aracena. During the visit you will learn about the genetic characteristics and behaviour of purebred Iberian pigs in their environment, what is the “montanera” and how the hams and shoulder hams with Protected Designation of Origin Jabugo are obtained.

Enjoy the chestnut season in Huelva

Fuenteheridos, Galaroza, CastaÃąo del Robledo, Cortegana and Los Marines are just some of the villages in the Sierra de Huelva that are linked to chestnuts. With the arrival of the cold weather and the first rains, the fruits begin to fall and the harvest begins.

When autumn arrives, the streets of Huelva smell of “roasted chestnut cones”. Eating roasted chestnuts is a highly recommended option these days, because it is also an exclusive autumn pleasure. Chestnuts are a very versatile gastronomic product. Try them in rice dishes, creams, sponge cakes, in syrup or liqueur

Mushrooms in the Sierra de Aracena

Chestnuts are not the only typical product of the autumn in Huelva. With the humidity, the earth sprouts mushrooms, an exquisite delicacy in the kitchen. As well as tasting them, one of the most common activities are the mycological routes. Among chestnut, holm and cork oak trees there are more than 600 varieties of this rich fungus. 

Tourist and gastronomic companies, easily found on the web, organise routes through the areas where they are most common, to discover the varieties, including the inedible ones, and with tastings.

The rut in DoÃąana

In a previous post we talked about DoÃąana in spring, but the truth is that in early autumn in DoÃąana National Park there is a spectacle of nature that fills the whole Reserve with the echoes and bellows of the rituals of the deer in its attempt to conquer the territory: the rut. 

Autumn is another great time to discover this unique place, the habitat of the Iberian lynx and an enclave where ecosystems such as the marshes, the dunes, the reserves and the beach coexist. It is also an obligatory and preferential place of passage, breeding and wintering for thousands of birds on their journeys between Europe and Africa.

Enjoying the autumn in Huelva is a privilege and when you get home, you enjoy all the comforts offered by the villas and apartments as well as the unique facilities of AMA Residences Andalucía, laidback luxury in this time of the year is guaranteed.