Oenology and wine tourism in the province of Huelva

Oenology, which in many cases reaches the category of art, focuses on the production and study of wine. From the cultivation of the vines, the care of the vineyard and the production of the wine, to its subsequent storage and ageing, the whole process of wine production is encompassed within this science.

Enjoy a wine experience in the province of Huelva

Wine tourism or enotourism is becoming increasingly popular, especially in areas with an ancient wine tradition. Closely related to gastronomic tourism, “enotourists” schedule visits to the wineries where wines are produced and stored to soak up their history and learn more about the way they work. Thanks to the fact that wineries are opening their doors, offering guided tours and tastings of their products to visitors, the general public is beginning to enter the world and culture of wine, which in many cases was alien to them.

Wineries are, in many cases, unique buildings, with a long industrial history, which have remained closed to the public until relatively recently. Despite Spain’s long history of wine production, wine tourism has not been encouraged in the country until recently.

Wineries to visit in the province of Huelva

Not all of them are listed, as the post would be endless, but it serves as a first approach to the passionate world of wine in Huelva.

Rubio Winery

Located in La Palma del Condado, it is especially known for producing Luis Felipe brandy. It is a product with a long history, as it was first marketed after the discovery of brandy casks in 1893, engraved with the name “Luis Felipe” and reserved for the Duke of Monpensier, but which were never opened. Nowadays, a process of ageing in American oak casks is followed, in which the young distillate is blended with the aged one to obtain a unique brandy.

Infante Winery

Bodegas Infante is located in La Palma del Condado. They offer a wide variety of wines, such as brandy liqueur, orange wine, punch or Pedro Ximénez. Since its foundation in 1870, what started as a modest family bodega has grown to become a brand with an international presence. Its doors are open for both small tastings and large celebrations.

Iglesias Winery

Located in Bollullos Par del Condado, Bodegas Iglesias has masterfully adapted its offer to wine tourism. They offer cultural events that revolve around wine, combining them with gastronomy, culture and nature. If you are looking for something more than wine tasting, you can enjoy tasting menus with food and wine pairing, visit the vineyard from a horse-drawn carriage or accompany the tasting with other typical local products, such as tortilla de patatas (potato omelette) or chacina (cured pork sausage).

Andrade Winery

This wine and vinegar winery is located in Bollullos Par del Condado and sells the first fruity white wine in the province. The building, built in the mid-19th century, has four naves surrounding an interior courtyard, in the purest traditional style. They are complemented by a new building, which is the area fitted out for events, including wine tastings.

Sauci Winery

In Bollullos you will find this winery with a woman’s soul. Run by the Sauci sisters, they seek above all to transmit their passion for wine in their wines: whites, reds, fortified wines, orange and vermouth….
As they themselves say “we make wines committed to our roots and our environment, the Condado de Huelva and the Do√Īana National Park“.
The winery offers guided tours, tastings, guided and commented tastings, evening visits, company meetings, activities for children, art exhibitions, …

Oliveros Winery

Also in Bollullos is this winery, which boasts of being the first certified organic winery in the Condado de Huelva DO. From its origins in 1940 to the present day, the family business, run by three generations of Oliveros, markets more than 10 different brands and is present in more than 20 countries around the world.
Among its most renowned brands are Oliveros, Juan Jaime, Lágrima de Vino Naranja, Alzamendi and Marqués de la Bolita.
With the aim of promoting the wine culture, Bodegas Oliveros keeps its doors open to visitors, thus making the winery’s wines and the family tradition known.

Contreras Ruiz Winery

In Rociana del Condado, next to the Do√Īana National Park, you can find this family winery that focuses on the production of the Zalema variety, a grape native to the Condado de Huelva area. Its vineyards, which are planted on marine soils, produce an interesting variety of white, ros√© and red wines, which you can sample at one of the tastings organised in this winery built in 1868.

Saenz Winery

In Moguer, the birthplace of Juan Ramón Jiménez, is the Sáenz winery. Founded in 1770 by a family from La Rioja, this bodega was set up in the Convento del Diezmo Nuevo (New Tithe Convent), where six generations of winemakers have passed through.
In its more than 250 years of existence, they have produced and bottled a wide variety of wines: sweet, white, red and Melquiades S√°enz Vermouth.
awards such as: Gran Premio de Barcelona and the Gold Medal at the Ibero-American Universal Exhibition in Seville in 1929 for their Quina, Vermouth and Cognac wines.
Their Naranja Saenz wine is an artisanal wine whose first production dates back to 1860, which is why the Junta de Andalucia (Andalusian Regional Government) classifies this wine with the Condado de Huelva Denomination of Origin.
A visit to this winery is a must.

Almonte Wine Museum

We could not fail to mention the Almonte wine museum, located in a late 19th century cellar that has been restored to house an exhibition revolving around the area’s wine production.

If you want to soak up the history and tradition of winemaking in the province, the 1,000 square metres of exhibition space will satisfy your curiosity. Come closer to this ancient tradition through images and photographs, machinery, barrels, production techniques and the aroma of must that will accompany you throughout the tour.

Designation of Origin “Vinagre del Condado de Huelva”.

A curious aspect that even many oenology enthusiasts tend to overlook is that other products are made from wine that are also of great quality. Such is the case of wine vinegar.

The renowned Condado de Huelva wine vinegar has its own protected designation of origin. In Spain there are only two vinegars with designation of origin, Condado de Huelva and Jerez, such is the quality and uniqueness of these products. Its P.D.O. comes from the wine with which it is made, which has unique characteristics due to the territory and the production methods used.

This vinegar contains a residual alcohol from the wine used in its production, never exceeding 0.5% vol. There are also other varieties of wine vinegar, which in this case has been aged in oak casks or bocoyes and has been enriched with other wines with the Denomination of Origin “Condado de Huelva”.

Many of the wineries mentioned above include this unique product in their catalogue, so you can easily get your hands on a bottle to taste it.

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