Meet AMA residents

One of the most special things about AMA are its residents. An international community that has been growing over the years, and that today has mostly Dutch and Spanish residents, but also other nationalities such as Portuguese, English, German, Hungarian, American…

The feeling of community that is breathed in AMA is not easy to describe, one has to live here to feel it or attend one of the many meetings organized throughout the year. This photo of the 10th Anniversary of the AMA Islantilla Resort Hotel serves as an example of what we are talking about.

In order to continue fostering that community spirit, we are going to write a series of posts about residents who tell a story and help us understand what makes AMA so special.

This month we dedicate it to a Spanish family that supports us in the saying that AMA residents “go from 0 to 100 years old” since the youngest of the family, Martin, came into the world shortly after buying their apartment.

Rediscovering Paradise: The story of a family at AMA Residences Andalucía

A few years ago, at the dawn of their relationship, Miguel and Alba decided to escape to a magical place that promised romance and relaxation: our hotel AMA Islantilla Resort. Although the May weather was not in their favor, the experience left an indelible mark in their memory, marking the beginning of an unwritten promise to return.

Destiny calls again

Time passed and, between consecutive summers and the arrival of new family members, the opportunity to return was postponed. However, this past summer, while enjoying a vacation on the Costa de la Luz and awaiting the arrival of Martin, their fourth child, they felt it was the perfect time to return. Almost by fate, they found themselves back at AMA, and in front of the apartments for sale, the memory of that first trip enveloped them. It was love at first sight; without hesitation, they decided to go through with the purchase

AMA Residences Andalucía, much more than a location

What is captivating about AMA is not only its privileged location, but also the care and style with which its facilities have been designed. Surrounded by nature, Alba and her family find in their residence an oasis of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Breakfast on the terrace, under the warm sun and surrounded by green splendor, are small pleasures that enrich their days. In addition, the warmth and friendliness of the people who make up AMA, make each visit an even more pleasant experience.

Escaping the extreme temperatures to immerse themselves in the mild climate of Andalusia and enjoy the sunsets on the beach is a luxury they deeply value. The contrast between the hectic life of the big city and the tranquility of this coastal enclave is what motivated them to make this place their second home. With a particular enthusiasm for DIY and great taste in decorating, Alba and Miguel have set out to personalize their new home, making small improvements at each visit.

Maximizing Investment with our Rental Program

The Rental Program allows AMA Residences owners to rent out their apartments when they are not using them. Through it, Miguel and Alba have found the ideal way to balance personal use of their apartment with the ability to rent it out. This not only allows them to enjoy their home away from home during their own vacations, but also to take advantage of the periods when they are not using it to generate additional income.

An oasis of comfort at AMA Residences Andalucía

AMA Residences Andalucía is not just a place to stay, it is a destination in itself, designed to offer an all-encompassing luxury experience with unparalleled attention to detail. This oasis of tranquility offers not only proximity to the natural beauty of the coast, but also first-class amenities that make daily life a pleasure. 

With all these amenities and the charm of being surrounded by nature while enjoying an ideal climate, it is easy to understand why Miguel and Alba have chosen AMA Residences Andalucía not only as an investment, but as a place to create lasting memories with their growing family.

We at AMA Residences Andalucía are thrilled to have residents who add value to our community and choose to call this place home.