The golf destination

Andalusia and the Portuguese Algarve have become one of the preferred destinations for golfers throughout Europe. The quality and wide range of courses has much to do with this, but it is undeniable that the scenic beauty and the pleasant climate are also fundamental factors in enjoying the circuit to the full.
The large number of hours of sunshine this area enjoys each year allows you to play almost 365 days a year.

The pleasure of playing golf

Golf can seem like a relaxed, static sport for which you don’t need to be very fit. But those who practice it regularly know that nothing could be further from the truth. With each stroke you work various muscle groups, which helps you keep both your arms and legs toned, not to mention the steps you get during a round of golf. It also takes a great deal of coordination to hit the ball, so becoming a good golfer requires practice and perseverance. Despite being a low intensity sport, it is very demanding if you aim to master it.

The benefits of golf do not end there, since it is not only recommended to maintain a good physical shape: it is also beneficial for the mind. It is an activity that is practiced outdoors, in the middle of open and green spaces. Its practice requires concentration, which forces you to empty your mind and focus on the activity. It is therefore an ideal sport to release stress and relieve anxiety, but with a very low risk of injury.

It is not surprising that golf courses are often the environment chosen to establish or strengthen personal relationships, either with friends or clients. Playing a recreational or sporting activity creates a relaxed atmosphere in which you can chat with your companion, taking advantage of the breaks between holes.

beach, nature and golf

The south of the Iberian Peninsula enjoys pleasant temperatures throughout the year. This, together with the natural landscapes, the quality of its beaches, the attractive gastronomy of the area, the wide cultural offer and the character of its people make the area the favourite choice of many golf fans.

One of these oasis of relaxation in the middle of nature is Islantilla Golf Course. Considered one of the best golf courses in Andalucía, Islantilla Golf is a 180 acres golf course with 27 holes. The privileged enclave in which it is located, in the heart of the Costa de la Luz, surrounded by a pine forest and looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, makes it the perfect setting for relaxing while practising your favourite sport.

Islantilla Golf is open all year round thanks to the privileged climate enjoyed by the area in which it is located. It also has a 260-metre practice course, which can be used by more than 60 players simultaneously; the practice area is complemented by three bunkers and two putting greens.

The maximum handicap is 36, both for men and women. This is a golf course suitable for all types of players, with 3 different combinations of 18 holes, each one suitable for a certain level of play. These three levels of play are classified as follows:

  • Blue course: designed for experienced players, with low handicap.
  • Green course: players with average handicap will feel comfortable on it.
  • Yellow course: ideal for beginners or players with high handicap.

Combine these three courses as you prefer

to adapt the course to your game and your training or competition objectives AMA Residences Andalucía is located between holes 7 and 8 of the Islantilla Golf Course. If you are a golf fan and are looking for a home that allows you to enjoy this sport all year long, this is your place. The villas and apartments offer you the opportunity to live in the middle of an oasis with easy access not only to Islantilla Golf Course, but also to other nearby golf courses.

Golf courses in Andalusia and the Algarve

Below is a list of some of the most popular golf courses on Huelva’s Costa de la Luz and the Portuguese Algarve, located in privileged settings and surrounded by beautiful scenery. And the best thing: all of them are less than 1 hour away from AMA Residences Andalucía.

In addition, AMA Resort Islantilla has agreements with most of these prestigious golf courses, so residents of our apartments and villas can enjoy them with special conditions. If you would like to receive more information about this, please contact us.

In Huelva

  • Isla Canela: Isla Canela Golf, located near the beach with which it shares its name, has 18
  • El Rompido Golf: No more and no less than 36 holes, on a course integrated into the natural
    setting of the Marismas del Río Piedras.
  • Golf Nuevo Portil: An 18 holes course suitable to practice your favorite sport.

In Portugal (Algarve)

  • Monte Rei: Considered the best Portuguese golf course, Monte Rei is an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Course located at the base of the East Algarve hills.
  • Quinta do Lago: It has several courses: the North, the South and Laranjal, with 18 holes each.
  • Castro Marim Golfe: three nine hole courses – The Guadiana, The Atlantic and The Grouse – means you’ll never get tired of playing golf.
  • Quinta do Vale
  • Quinta da Ria
  • Quinta de Cima

If golf is one of your passions, you can’t miss the golf courses in Huelva and the Algarve – a real
pleasure for the senses!