Escape the heat with water activities on the Costa de la Luz

If there is one thing that characterizes the summer months in Andalusia, especially July and August, it is the heat. The high temperatures and a constant blue sky, in which the sun shines for many hours, are part of the charm of this corner of southern Spain. Although it is true that the heat is not felt in the same way in all parts of the Community, as the inland areas are the ones that reach the highest temperatures. Those who enjoy the summer in coastal areas like Islantilla are truly lucky, and not only because of the beautiful landscapes and exquisite cuisine. Also because, whenever you feel like it, you can go to some of the best beaches in Europe to escape the heat, swim in their waters and carry out fun activities.

What water activities can you do on the Costa de la Luz?

There are various activities you can do on the beaches of the Costa de la Luz near AMA. Depending on your skill, your desire for adventure and risk, or for peace and relaxation, you can choose from quiet rides on a pedal boat, a snorkelling route to enjoy the local landscapes and wildlife or, if you are a fan of speed, rent a jet ski. We will see 10 water activities that you can do on the beaches of the coast of Huelva, starting with the quietest and ending with those that will make your adrenaline rush.

1. Excursion by boat

The most relaxed, but no less entertaining, activity is a boat route. Starting from an area close to AMA Residences Andalucia, you can take a boat trip along the course of the Guadiana River. From the boat you will be able to contemplate the different landscapes, both natural and urban, that bathe its waters. We also recommend that, taking advantage of the privileged enclave in which is located Islantilla, organize your route through the marshes of Isla Cristina.

2. Fishing

If you think that risk is overrated and what you really like are quiet activities that allow you to relax and feel in touch with nature, fishing is made for you. Patience and concentration will be the skills that play a fundamental role in this activity in the Atlantic ocean.

3. Kayak trip

If you want a slightly more intense exercise, there are other boats that require a little more skill and effort in their handling. A kayak or canoe trip, for one or two people, is a very comfortable way to explore the coast, although you should know that the handling of the paddle can be equivalent to a good session of weights in the gym. Near AMA Residences Andalucía you can find different water activity centres. Find out at the boat rental place about the different types available, as there are very stable kayaks, suitable for beginners, and others much more complicated to handle, for the more experienced.

4. Snorkel

If you are passionate about swimming and enjoy nature, but don’t want to jump into scuba diving, snorkeling is an activity to be considered. It is a type of diving in which you only need a pair of glasses to be able to comfortably observe the sea bed and a breathing tube known as snorkel. This tube allows you to see underwater life peacefully without having to raise your head in search of air.

5. Sailing

In Islantilla there are several sailing schools. The closest to AMA’s sunbathing area on the beach with sunbeds and parasols, which, we should remember, is free for the residents of the complex, is the Islantilla Sailing and Surf School. In fact, at the EVS sailing school you can program several of the activities that we have included in this list. With courses for all ages, including children, sailing is presented as an option for the whole family.

6. Jet Ski Route

We are going deeper and deeper into the activities where you can give free rein to your adventurous spirit. Jet skis are perfect for those who love speed, with the incentive of being able to refresh themselves while letting adrenaline flow. You can do this activity alone or accompanied, taking a tour designed by your supervisor in Islantilla or Isla Canela who will be watching over your safety at all times.

7. Paddle Surf

Paddle surfing is a somewhat more relaxed type of surfing, in which you use a board of greater size and stability. It is propelled by a paddle, just like you would do with a canoe or kayak, but, as you stand on the board, it requires much more skill and physical effort.

8. Surf

We dare say that this sport requires no description. It has been one of the most popular for decades, and the Andalusian coasts are one of the areas chosen by many surfers to practice it on those days when the wind and waves are the right ones. If you want to learn from scratch, the various water sports schools on the Costa de la Luz offer courses for beginners. If you are an expert, the Algarve and Tarifa coasts, both not far away from AMA Residences Andalucía, are the perfect place to practice.

9. Kitesurf

It could be said that kitesurfing goes one step further than surfing, as it incorporates a kite with which can propel yourself and take advantage of the force of the wind to reach dizzying speeds. In Isla Cristina or Isla Canela you can learn the skills to master this fun sport to end up doing impressive pirouettes.

10. Diving

The diving activities allow you to explore the sea bed thanks to the special equipment you can rent in different areas of the coast. It is a sport that requires a deep previous knowledge of the equipment and the techniques used. But don’t worry: if you are really interested in diving, you can schedule basic activities, take courses at Isla Cristina to obtain the necessary training and knowledge and, finally, dive into the waters of the Costa de la Luz to discover all that it has to offer, also under the surface.

What do you think about these water activities and what do you plan to do this summer? At AMA Residences Andalucía we provide the owners of our wonderful Nordic Mediterranean apartments with all the information they need to carry out any of these activities.