Barco Huelva

Boat trips from AMA Residences Andalucia

At AMA Residences Andalucía summer is lived with great intensity. The idyllic enclave of Islantilla, and our first class facilities, allow you to enjoy this wonderful season to the fullest.

In summer, the most popular activities are those related to the sea and nature, and the climate of the Costa de la Luz is perfect for practicing them. In previous posts we talked about the water sports that can be practiced in the area but this time we will focus more on sea routes either by boat or ferry to different places, or even walking routes through dune areas.

Boat routes from marinas

A few minutes away from AMA are the marinas of El Terrón or Isla Cristina from where you can go to several nearby natural sites:

  • La Flecha de Nueva Umbría: This 12-kilometer beach is one of the largest and least crowded in Spain, with fine golden sand and crystal-clear waters. Take a boat trip to experience its tranquility and natural beauty.
  • Natural Reserve of the Odiel Marshes: This protected area is a haven for nature lovers and birdwatchers. Navigate through the channels and spot flamingos, herons, and other aquatic species in their natural habitat.
  • Marismas de Isla Cristina and Isla Canela: Explore the unique natural landscape of the Isla Cristina estuary, with its bustling fishing activity, and enjoy stunning sunsets.
  • Ascent of the Guadiana River: Sail along the natural border between Spain and Portugal, taking in the scenic views and stopping at charming towns like Sanlúcar del Guadiana and Alcoutim. The route can be extended to the small jetty of Puerto de las Lajas, about 40 kilometers in total.

Route on foot from lepe or by ferry

If the weather allows it and in hours that are not of maximum heat, from the port of El Terron, in Lepe, you can start a route that will reach the ‘Real de la Almadraba de Nueva Umbría’, also known as ‘Almadraba de El Rompido’, a place considered of Cultural Interest.

This circular route of just over 16 kilometers and without slope is one of the best known in the area. Its technical difficulty is moderate due to the marshes that need to be traversed during low tide. The route, which can be completed in about 4 hours, will take you through landscapes that combine beach, dune and marshes.

You also have the possibility of boarding a ferry to visit the Flecha del Piedras River in just 15 minutes. Located right at the mouth of this river, this unique ecosystem has miles of golden sandy beaches that you will reach after crossing the dunes on wooden walkways. As it is a protected area, it does not have services such as beach bars or bars, something you should take into account before the trip.

The unbeatable location of Huelva, its marshes and its numerous marinas will offer you a wide variety of boat routes to discover the entire coast of Huelva from Doñana to the Algarve. If you are an AMA resident, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you.